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          How to choose high quality Heshan advertising umbrella

          2020-04-03 376

          Color: the sunscreen effect of the sun umbrella is closely related to the color. The dark color has better sunscreen effect than the light color. This year, the black lining is the sun umbrella, which ensures that the sunscreen effect has a satisfactory trick demand.

          Fabric thickness: the sunscreen effect of the thick fabric is better than that of the thin one. Do not blindly seek fashion to choose pencil umbrella. The fabric used by the manufacturer in order to seek the slim figure is also ultra-thin. Similarly, the thin fabric of the yarn means that the fiber is thin, of course, transparent, so it is still a solid fabric sunscreen.


          Skeleton: there are two kinds of umbrellas on the market: super light skeleton and alloy skeleton. It is generally recommended to choose super light skeleton, because the super light skeleton uses aluminum alloy or acrylic material, which is light in weight and long in life. The general life can reach about 6 years, but the disadvantage is that the skeleton is thick and strong; the alloy skeleton is thin, and the pencil umbrella is generally selected, but the weight is stronger than the thick one The umbrella is also heavy and can't be used in rainy days. Because the iron content is simple and rusty, if it is used as an umbrella, it only takes one year to live. Although the price is low at the time of purchase, the life is also low.

          Coating: the weapon for sun protection of the sun umbrella has coating besides the fabric itself. The coating is divided into upper coating and inner coating. The upper coating is reflective material. When you open the sun umbrella, you can find that there is a layer of pearl powder luster on the sun umbrella, that is, sun protection coating, the brighter the better. The inner coating is black, because black has the best shading effect. In order to adhere to beauty, it is painted inside, but black The lifetime of the color coating is only two years. Long time irradiation on the fold will damage the effect.

          Article source: Heshan advertising umbrella manufacturerhttp://www.mav8.com/

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